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1GB SD Card   1GB SD Memory Card
2GB SD Card   2GB SD Memory Card
4GB SD Card   4GB SD Memory Card
Voice Tracker II   Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II VoIP conferencing Microphone USB
Voice Tracker I   Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker Conference Microphone
DigiTel Call-in Dictation 1   DigiTel Digital Call-in Dictation System 1 Line / Telephone Dictation
DigiTel Call-in Dictation 2   DigiTel Digital Call-in Dictation System 2-Line / Telephone Dictation
DigiTel Call-in Dictation 3   DigiTel Digital Call-in Dictation System 3-Line / Telephone Dictation
DigiTel Call-in Dictation 4   DigiTel Digital Call-in Dictation System 4-Line / Telephone Dictation
Flexfone-FL-X10   FlexFone FLX-10 PC Transcription Headset FLX10
Digta CordEx   Grungdig Digta CordEx Wireless Dictation Microphone
HP-USB-Headset-HPUSB   HP-USB Voice recognition USB Stereo Headset/Microphone HPUSB
IN-USB2-IN-USB-2   Infinity IN-USB2 Transcription USB Foot Pedal IN-USB-2
DM-620-DM620   New Olympus DM-620 Portable Linear PCM Recorder DM620
Dictaphone-Powermic-II-   Nuance Dictaphone Powermic II
Nuance-Dragon-Medical-Edition   Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2
1GB xD Card   Olympus 1GB xD Memory Card
A-514-A514   Olympus A-514 Universal AC Adapter (147590) A514
A-510-A510   Olympus A510 AC Adapter for DS-4000
A513-A-513   Olympus A513 AC Adapter for DS-5000, DS-5000iD, LS10, LS11
AS-2400-AS2400   Olympus AS-2400 Digital Transcription Kit AS2400
AS-5000-AS5000   Olympus AS-5000 Digital Transcription Kit AS5000
AS-5001-AS5001   Olympus AS-5001 (147585) DSS Player Pro Dictation Software
AS-5002-AS5002   Olympus AS-5002 (147586) DSS Player Pro Transcription Software
AS-7000-AS7000   Olympus AS-7000 Pro Digital Transcription Kit AS7000
BR-404-BR404   Olympus BR404 (147427) Rechargeable Batteries for Olympus Recorders
LS-7 Conference Kit   Olympus Complete Digital Conference Kit
CR10-CR-10   Olympus CR-10 USB Cradle / USB Docking Station
CR-3A-CR3A   Olympus CR-3A Cradle for DS-4000, DS-3300 & DS2300 CR3A (147480)
DR-1200   Olympus DR-1200 Directrec Dictation Microphone DR1200
DR-2200   Olympus DR-2200 Directrec Dictation Microphone DR2200
DR-2300   Olympus DR-2300 Directrec Dictation Microphone DR2300
DS-2400-DS2400   Olympus DS-2400 Digital Voice Recorder DS2400
DS-2400DT   Olympus DS-2400DT Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit
OLYMPUS-DS-2500-AS-2400   Olympus DS-2500DT Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit
DS-3400-DS3400   Olympus DS-3400 Digital Voice Recorder
DS-3400DT Pro   Olympus DS-3400DT Professional Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit
DS-3500-DS3500   Olympus DS-3500 Professional Digital Dictation Recorder
OLYMPUS-DS-3500-AS2400   Olympus DS-3500DT Professional Digital Dictation Starter Kit
DS-5000-DS5000   Olympus DS-5000 Professional Digital Voice Recorder DS5000
OLYMPUS-DS-5000-AS-5000   Olympus DS-5000DT Professional Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit
DS-7000-DMPE   Olympus DS-7000 and Dragon Medical Practice Edition
DS-7000IT-DS7000IT   Olympus DS-7000IT Professional Digital Voice Recorder DS7000IT
DSS Player Dictation   Olympus DSS Player Standard Dictation Software
DSS Player Transcription   Olympus DSS Player Standard Transcription Software
E102-E102   Olympus E-102 Stereo Transcription Headset E102
E62-E-62   Olympus E-62 transcription Headset E62
Kp21-KP-21   Olympus KP-21 Replacement USB Cable KP21
FP4000WP-FP-4000WP   Olympus Large 3 button Waterproof Pathology Foot Pedal
ME-12-ME12   Olympus ME-12 Noise-Cancellation Microphone ME12 (145031)
ME-15-ME15   Olympus ME-15 Tie Clip Microphone ME15
ME-31-ME31   Olympus ME-31 Compact Gun Microphone ME31 (145062 )
ME32-ME32   Olympus ME-32 Compact Zoom Microphone ME32 (145063 )
ME-51S-ME51S   Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microphone tie clip/Plugin ME51S (145037)
ME-52W-ME52W   Olympus ME-52W Noise-Cancellation Microphone ME52W (145055)
ME-30W-ME30W   Olympus ME30W 2-Chanel Conference Microphone Kit ME-30W (145059)
Olympus RS-19-RS19   Olympus RS-19 Replacement foot Pedal RS19
RS-27-RS27   Olympus RS-27 Digital Transcription Foot Pedal RS27
RS-30W-RS30W   Olympus RS30W Wireless Remote Control for Portable Digital Recorders
TP8-TP-8   Olympus TP-8 Phone Recording Device TP8 (V4571310W000)
LFH-9120-LFH9120   Philips 9120 USB Docking Station LFH9120
LFH-9160-LFH9160   Philips 9160 LAN Docking Station for LFH-9600, LFH-9610
DPM-6000-DPM6000   Philips DPM-6000 Digital Pocket Memo Dictation Recorder DPM6000/00
DPM-7000-DPM7000   Philips DPM-7000 Digital Pocket Memo Dictation Recorder DPM7000/00
DPM-8000-LFH-8000   Philips DPM-8000 Professional Digital Pocket Memo LFH-8000
DPM-8000DT   Philips DPM-8000DT Professional Digital Dictation Starter Kit
DPM-8100-DPM8100   Philips DPM-8100 Digital Pocket Memo DPM8100
DPM-8500-DPM8500   Philips DPM-8500 Professional Digital Pocket Memo DPM8500
DPM-8900-DPM8900   Philips DPM-8900 Complete Digital Conference Kit DPM 8900
DPM6700-DPM-6700   Philips DPM6700 Digital Dictation & Transcription Starter Kit DPM6700/00
DVT7000-00   Philips DVT7000/00 Digital Conference Kit DVT7000
LFH0142   Philips LFH-142 Power Supply for Philips Pocket Memos LFH0142
LFH-155   Philips LFH-155 Desktop Power Supply LFH0155/62B
LFH-2210-LFH2210   Philips LFH-2210 Analog Foot Pedal LFH2210
LFH02236   Philips LFH-2236 Stereo Transcription Headset LFH02236
LFH-2310-LFH2310   Philips LFH-2310 USB Foot Pedal LFH2310
LFH-2320-LFH2320   Philips LFH-2320 USB Foot Pedal LFH2320
LFH-2330-LFH2330   Philips LFH-2330 Configurable USB Foot Pedal LFH2330
LFH-3000-LFH3000   Philips LFH-3000 SpeechMike Air Wireless Microphone LFH3000
LFH-3005-LFH3005   Philips LFH-3005 SpeechMike Air Dictation Kit LFH3005
LFH-3010-LFH3010   Philips LFH-3010 SpeechMike Air Classic Wireless Microphone LFH3010
LFH-3015-LFH3015   Philips LFH-3015 SpeechMike Air Classic Dictation Kit LFH3015
LFH-3090/00   Philips LFH-3090 Noise Canceling Headset LFH-3090/00
LFH-3200-LFH3200   Philips LFH-3200 Speechmike Pro Plus LFH3200
LFH-3205-LFH3205   Philips LFH-3205 Speechmike Pro Plus Dictation Kit LFH3205
LFH-3210-LFH3210   Philips LFH-3210 Speechmike Classic Plus LFH3210
LFH-3215-LFH3215   Philips LFH-3215 Speechmike Classic Plus Dictation Kit LFH3215
LFH-3300-LFH3300   Philips LFH-3300 Speechmike Pro Plus with Integrated barcode scanner LFH3300
LFH-3310-LFH3310   Philips LFH-3310 Speechmike Classic Plus USB Dictation Microphone with Integrated barcode scanner
LFH334-LFH-334   Philips LFH-334 Transcription Stereo Headset LFH334
LFH-3500-LFH3500   Philips LFH-3500 SpeechMike Premium Push button operation LFH3500
LFH-3510-LFH3510   Philips LFH-3510 SpeechMike Premium Slide Switch operation LFH3510
LFH-3600-LFH3600   Philips LFH-3600 SpeechMike Premium with integrated barcode scanner LFH3600
LFH4400   Philips LFH-4400 SpeechExec Pro Dictate
LFH4500   Philips LFH-4500 SpeechExec Pro Transcribe
LFH-7177-LFH7177   Philips LFH-7177 Digital Transcription Kit LFH7177
LFH-7255-LFH7255   Philips LFH-7255 SpeechExec SR Pro Dictate Software LFH7255
LFH-7277-LFH7277   Philips LFH-7277 SpeechExec Pro Transcription Kit LFH7277
LFH-885-lfh0885   Philips LFH-885 Voice Recorder Reporter Set 885
LFH-898-LFH0898   Philips LFH-898 Digital Conference Kit LFH898
LFH-9146-LFH9146   Philips LFH-9146 Power Adapter LFH9146
LFH-9172-LFH9172   Philips LFH-9172 Boundary-Layer Conference Microphone LFH9172
LFH-955-LFH0955   Philips LFH-955 Complete Digital Conference Kit LFH955
LFH0233   Philips LFH0233 Wishbone Style Transcription Headset LFH-233
LFH-888-LFH0888   Philips LFH0888 Digital Voice Tracer Recorder LFH888
LFH-7430   Philips SpeechExec dictation recorder app for iPhone
LFH-3500-DMPE   Philips SpeechMike Premium and Dragon Medical Practice Edition
FS-B5000   Sanyo FS-B5000 Transcription Kit FSB5000
Card reader   ScanDisk USB Memory Card Reader
SE-USB-Headset   SE-USB Clamshell-Style Transcription Headset
cellphone-recording-8100PC   Simple Cell Phone Recording System 134 Hours, Telephone Recording
telephone-recording-8100PC   Simple Phone Recording System 134 Hours, Telephone Recording
Sony FS-35   Sony FS-35 Replacement Foot Pedal IN-35
Sony FS-80-FS80   Sony FS-80 Replacement Foot Pedal for Sony M2000 and Sony M2020.
ICD-SX712-ICDSX712   Sony ICD-SX712 2GB Linear PCM & MP3 Digital Voice Recorder ICDSX712
AL-60L Headset   Spectra AL-60L Metal Stethoscope Style Transcribing Headset AL60L
AL-60USB-Headset   Spectra AL-60USB Metal Stethoscope Style Transcribing Headset AL60USB
SH-50USB-Headset   Spectra SH-50USB Plastic Stethoscope Transcription Headsets SH-50USB
SH-55USB-Headset   Spectra SH-55USB Transcription Headset Wishbone Style USB
SP-PC-Headset   Spectra SP-PC Stereo Transcription Headset SPPC
SP-USB-Headset   Spectra SP-USB USB transcription Headset SPUSB
Spectra SP-VC5   Spectra Spectra SP-VC5 Mono/Stereo Dual Speaker Headset with Volume control
CM-1000/CM-1000   VEC CM-1000 Desktop Stereo Conference Microphone CM1000
Gn-3-GN3   VEC GN-3 Stereo Gooseneck Uni-Directional Microphone GN3
GN-USB/GNUSB   VEC GN-USB Professional Gooseneck Uni-Directional Microphone
TCM-100B-Tie-Clip-Microphone   VEC TCM-100B 3.5 mm Tie Clip Battery Power Microphone
TRX-20-TRX20   VEC TRX-20 Telephone Call Recorder Device TRX20
HP-3-Headset-microphone-HP3   Voice recognition HP-3 Stereo Headset/Microphone HP3

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